Multi-Society Global Colloquium on Engineering Education (MSGCEE)

The Multi-Society Global Colloquium on Engineering Education (MSGCEE) is a group of Engineering Education societies who have agreed to encourage broader global engagement of their members through an innovative program allowing members to present published work at member societies’ annual meetings.

In brief: if you, as an active member of one of the societies listed below, have submitted a paper, undergone full review, and presented this paper at the annual meeting of your home society, you have the opportunity to present that same work in a Multi-Society Global Colloquium session at any other meeting within the next 2-3 years (depending on the society at which you would like to present).

The MSGCEE is part of a larger effort by each of the societies below to find more ways to engage with colleagues abroad and share research with interested individuals outside our immediate networks.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, please contact the listed individual to learn more about how to present in a MSCGEE session.


Current MSGCEE Member Societies:


American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)

  • 2023 Annual Meeting – 25-28 June 2023 – Baltimore, MD, USA
  • Point of Contact: Rachel Koroloff, Senior External Affairs Assistant,

Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions  (LACCEI)

  • 2022 Annual Meeting – 18-22 July 2022 – Boca Raton, FL, USA
  • Point of Contact: Maria Petrie,

African Engineering Education Association (AEEA)

Korean Society for Engineering Education (KSEE)

Japanese Society for Engineering Education (JSEE)

Chinese Society for Engineering Education (CSEE)

  • 2022 Annual Meeting – 9-10 December 2022 – Hangzhou, China
  • Point of Contact: Chen Dai (Daisy), Secretary General,

Canadian Engineering Education Association/Association canadienne de l’éducation en genie (CEEA/ACEG)

Responsibilities of Member Societies

Member societies of the Global Colloquium agree to host at their annual meeting a session designated for the Global Colloquium. to be organized as a paper session, poster session, or other format which they see fit.

Into this session Member societies will admit the papers of society members which have already undergone full review and have been presented at a Member society’s annual meeting within the last 24 months.

Global Colloquium member societies further agree to offer one-day registration rates for Global Colloquium poster presenters.

Global Colloquium member societies must determine whether they intend to issue separate proceedings for its Global Colloquium session, to incorporate session proceedings within their regular conference proceedings, or to not record the session and communicate this clearly to potential individual participants. If a Global Colloquium member society chooses to issue separate proceedings of the Global Colloquium session, ideally these proceedings will be indexed in SCOPUS.

Global Colloquium member societies agree to work together, providing one another with lists of papers and authors reviewed and presented at their annual meeting, not more than 2 years (24 months) old. These lists provide a means for each society to verify eligibility of applicants.

Global Colloquium member societies will provide each other with the dates and locations of their annual conferences for the upcoming year.

Selection of Individual Authors

Individual authors participating in any Global Colloquium poster session

  • Must be a current individual member of one of the member societies participating in the Global Colloquium, and
  • Must have presented an original paper at an annual meeting of a Global Colloquium member society that passed that society’s merit review process.
  • Must convert their paper to poster according to the criteria of the Global Colloquium member at which they wish to present.
  • Must pay the Global Colloquium registration fee(s) for the conference(s) at which they wish to present.

Global Colloquium member societies may invite authors who meet the above criteria to share a poster based on their accepted paper at a special session designated for the Global Colloquium at their annual meeting.

Individual authors may apply to participate in any given Global Colloquium session within 24 months of their original paper presentation.

The poster shared by the Global Colloquium special session author shall explicitly acknowledge that it is based on an accepted conference paper and specifies the annual meeting at which the paper was originally presented.

Mutual Benefit

This cooperative organization of a network of poster sessions at their respective annual conferences constitutes a mutual benefit, increasing interaction, exchange of knowledge, and promotion of collaboration among individual members of participating societies.