Global Colloquium

“Innovative and Excelling Engineering”

ASEE pioneered the Global Colloquium to promote global interconnectedness. This colloquium, previously held in Beijing, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Istandbul, Cape Town, Budapest, Singapore, and Shanghai, links engineering educators across international borders and brings together lecturers, researchers, and corporate colleagues who will have an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and perspectives.

The ASEE 2017 Global Colloquium was held 16-18 September, 2017 alongside the SEFI Annual Conference in Azores. The host organization was Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Porto (ISEP). Bringing the Global Colloquium together with the SEFI 2017 Annual Conference sought to bridge these two societies’ delegates, allowing the pursuit of cross regional future joint proposal and initiatives in the two most developed engineering education regions in the world.