International Membership


ASEE Membership

ASEE membership provides your program and faculty to network with and learn from colleagues from the US and other institutions from around the globe. You will gain access to high quality resources to improve and transform instruction at your institution.

Collaborate and learn from deans from around the world by joining the Engineering Deans Council and attend their annual meetings. Join the ASEE International Division for direct connection with faculty at US institution.
Attend ASEE’s Annual Conference, the ASEE International Forum and other meetings through the year where members interact with peers, gain knowledge of innovative teaching methods through professional development sessions, and learn from advances at other institutions.
Gain access to ASEE’s data bank of statistics on US universities to use to benchmark programs versus your peers; access degree, enrollment, and research data.
Gain access to publications and newsletters as well as years of archived research papers and presentations through the ASEE PEER repository.
Access ASEE publications, including the research-focused Journal of Engineering Education, practice- focused Advances in Engineering Education, and ASEE’s award-winning Prism magazine.
Join other professionals to create research partnerships through US universities and industry.

Our capabilities make ASEE membership a benefit for you.

  • The only convener of engineering and engineering technology (E&ET) educators across all disciplines at our annual conference, drawing nearly 4000 participants.
  • The publisher of Prism, the only national magazine focused on E&ET education across all disciplines, featuring excellent writing and reporting and eye-catching design; the publisher of the country’s premier research-based, peer reviewed journals on E&ET education, the Journal of Engineering Education and Advances in Engineering Education.
  • The convener of an annual international forum, for engineering professionals from academia and industry worldwide who are engaged in novel E&ET initiatives.
  • Publisher of research papers on E&ET education, through our annual conference.
  • Creator and publisher of Engineering, Go For It, aimed at inspiring pre-college students to consider engineering. This effort includes a magazine, website, social media presence, newsletters, and teaching tips.
  • The publisher of daily, weekly, and monthly newsletters, reporting events and information from engineering and engineering education.
  • A data analyzer and reporter. Our Profiles of Engineering and Engineering
    Technology Colleges book is the go-to source for media and researchers. We
    produce a variety of products, from one-page infographics to full reports.