Partner Conferences

66th JSEE Annual Conference

September 4-6, 2019

Tohoku University, Sendai City

Join us for the 67th JSEE Annual Conference. The International Session will be held in September 5. 2019 AEESEAP workshop (country report) is also planned to be held in September 5.

Founded in 1952, Japanese Society for Engineering Education (JSEE) is one of the organizations in Japan that accommodates universities, colleges of engineering, government laboratories and industrial companies in its membership. The purpose of JSEE is to actively develop creative manpower and encourage students to study with enjoyment and take pride in their future calling.

47th SEFI Annual Conference

16-19 September, 2019

Budapest, Hungary

The SEFI and Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) invite everyone to join the SEFI Annual Conference in Budapest. The conference takes place at the BME Campus in the centre of Budapest. The important dates have already been announced.

9th World Engineering Education Forum 2019

13-16 November, 2019

ITC Grand Chola, Chennai, India

On November 13th through 16th, 2019, Chennai,India will be the host city of WEEF-GSF 2019, the joint annual summit of the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies.

This prestigious event, held for the first time in India, features the IX World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF) and the XV Global Student Forum (GSF). This is the largest engineering education gathering in the world and brings together a large number of stakeholders, including engineering educators, leaders, students, industry, governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, etc., to learn, share, and build fruitful and long-term collaborations. The conference theme is Disruptive Engineering Education for sustainable development.

12th International Conference on Computer Supported Education

2-4 May, 2020

Prague, Czech Republic

CSEDU 2020, the International Conference on Computer Supported Education, is a yearly meeting place for presenting and discussing new educational tools and environments, best practices and case studies on innovative technology-based learning strategies, and institutional policies on computer supported education including open and distance education. CSEDU 2020 will provide an overview of current technologies as well as upcoming trends, and promote discussion about the pedagogical potential of new educational technologies in the academic and corporate world. CSEDU seeks papers and posters describing educational technology research; academic or business case-studies; or advanced prototypes, systems, tools, and techniques.
Conference areas include:

  1. Artificial Intelligence in Education
  2. Domain Applications and Case Studies
  3. Information Technologies Supporting Learning
  4. Learning/Teaching Methodologies and Assessment
  5. Social Context and Learning Environments
  6. Ubiquitous Learning

CEEA/ACEG 2019 Conference

June 9-12, 2019

Ottawa, Ontario

Join CEEA/ACEG in the Nation’s Capital for the 2019 CEEA-ACEG Conference! Further details on the conference theme, call for papers and special events will be posted shortly.

Welcome to Ottawa!